Olde Home Day Front page photos
Thank you for supporting Clinton's Olde Home Day during our Food Truck event. We were excited to see all the people who came by and enjoyed the food selections and also purchased raffle tickets. Congratulations to everyone who won one of the raffles.

It was great to see the Clinton Fire & Police officers come by for lunch and enjoy a moment with the kids. We saw many people just out driving by (on bikes or cars) who stopped in to support us. Everyone has been notified and raffles will be available to pick up at Walgreens parking lot on Sunday (4/24). Please contact OHD committee via the "contact us" here on FB if you haven't already confirmed your pickup. The winners are:
  • Adirondack Chair: Jennifer Ball
  • Red Sox Tkts (4): Susan Templeton
  • Red Sox Tkts (4): Kera Persaud
  • Simpleman Saloon: Julie Sullivan
  • Longhorn Steakhouse: Rick Stein
  • Flat Penny: Elizabeth Madden
  • Flat Penny: Matt Dullea
  • Roto Springs: Kaylee Lucas
  • Il Forno: Hannah Brotman
  • Cafe Tattorino: Haley Doering
  • Paul's Rentals: Amanda Sorel
  • Russian Icon: Kelly Hross
  • Nashoba Winery: Brianna Bufton
  • Fine Arts Museum: Ben
  • 50/50: Amy Davis

Congratulations and thank you again for all your support of Clinton's Olde Home Day.
Donna, Bill, Laura, Mary, Diana, Haley, Jesse, Alison, Michelle