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2015 Olde Home Day article (PDF)
It's almost here!! The 2015 OHD you've been waiting for: 14 Massachusetts museums, appraisal fair, wild animals, farmers market & so much more. Come by and experience new and exciting activities include: New Farmers' Market, Museums & Appraisal Faire, WingMasters, Wine & Beer tastings, inflatables & an exciting new Air Bag Jump, laser tag, gyro space ball & mobile arcade, food court, family & beer tents and HAVE SOME GOOD OLE CLINTON FUN!!

Friday Night:

Night at the Museums activity and a Wine & Beer Tasting, hosted by Old Timers Restaurant will return inside Fallon Auditorium. Five tasting of different wines/beers will be $5.00. Two museums recently had to withdraw due to personnel changes. Participating list of Museums include: Antique Appraisal Faire will return for everyone's enjoyment & will feature 5 of our favorite appraisers. This activity will now be held inside the Town Hall in the Selectman's Chamber on the 2nd floor. At the appraisers advise, this activity was moved back inside. As before during our previous appraisal faires, the elevator is available to bring large & heavy items upstairs. Also, new during the appraisal faire specialty wine selections (different than those wines inside with the Museum activity) will also be available.

Returning appraisers (Read the appraiser biographies):
  • Mark Alzapiedi - Generalist
  • Larry Canale - Sports & some Toys
  • Ron Goodrich - Stamps, Maps, Books & Coins (anything paper)
  • Phyllis O'Leary - Generalist
  • Virginia Salem - Jewelry
Zoll Cellars Wines available at Appraisal Wine: $10.00 = 1-3 items (wine included)
$5.00 = wine for viewing guest

Other Friday night activities include:

NEW SPECIAL Musical Activity (over 14) ... LIP SYNC CONTEST ... KMJ Entertainment will return again entertaining everyone with music & fun contest. Day of Contest Sign-Up (at committee booth starts at 5pm) & Song Choice is required, as time & space is limited.

For the kids physical enjoyment, The Laser Tag, The Gyro Space Ball & the Mobile Arcade will be returning & when things start getting dark, make sure your blankets & chairs are close-by & available for the Movie in the Park. As always, our Food Court (provided by local clubs and vendors) will be there from 5 to 10pm to help you with your hunger pangs.

Saturday activities include:
  • NEW... Farmers Market (various closing times) ... Visit & take a pic with "Clem from Clinton"
  • Balance Rock Farm...Sterling... eggs, meats, cheeses
  • Meadowbrook Farms... Sterling... apples, pumpkins, jams
  • Shamrock Farms... Sterling... meats, eggs, jams
  • Still River Winery ... Still River... Ice Wines & Beer
  • World Farms - Flats Mentor Farm... Lancaster... Asian veggies
For 15 years, we have provided family fun & entertainment in central Massachusetts for everyone's enjoyment. For more information or if you have questions:

EMAIL the committee at oldehomeday@gmail.com
FACEBOOK us at www.facebook.com/OldeHomeDay (just friend us)

Most of all, come and join us on Friday and Saturday, September 11th & 12th for another fun-filled Clinton Olde Home Day!!