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Unfortunately, Olde Home Day committee made the decision to cancel our June fundraiser, the Passport to Clinton, scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th. In order to make the event worthwhile for both the sponsors and OHD, we had decided early on that a minimum number of "passports" would need to be sold and unfortunately, we did not meet that requirement.

Olde Home Day would like to thank the generous vendors, who agreed to support Olde Home Day, Clinton Bar & Grill, Old Timer Restaurant, Similan Thai Bistro, Simple Man Saloon & Grill, Wrong Way Cafe and the Historic Strand Theatre. Please visit these venues when you have a chance. They are very supportive of Clinton events and activities and would welcome your patronage.

Please continue to visit this website for upcoming news on our 20th Anniversary celebration on September 6 & 7. Hope to see you then.

Passport to Clinton:
An evening of food, family, friends and fun

Passport to Clinton Flyer (PDF)

OHD is hosting a fundraiser and this is a great opportunity for you to visit local participating restaurants and sample some of their popular menu selections. For a small fee of $25.00, attendees will receive a Passport to Clinton wristband along with a listing of the participating restaurants, who have agreed to provide a mini sample of selected items off their menus without a charge. The Historic Strand Theatre will also participate in the evening's activities and the event wristband will allow entrance to their movie for that night only. Foods not included on the specific restaurant offerings are available for an additional price (to be paid at the restaurant). Foods are not included in the viewing of the movie.

This is a fun way to help support Clinton's Olde Home Days' 20th Anniversary while also enjoying special family time or a date night. Food and a movie... all for $25.00 per person. Passports are available to purchase at:

DiMeco's Nursery & Landscape, 374 Sterling Street, Lancaster


Continental Fire Arms, 627 High Street, Clinton

If you are interested in purchasing and cannot come by DiMeco's or Continental Fire Arms, please send an email to oldehomeday@gmail.com and arrangements will be made to pick up the wristband and passport.

Hope you will consider supporting Clinton Olde Home Days with a evening out using your international Passport to Clinton's variety of international cuisine. Have fun and enjoy!!

New Olde Home Day COMPETITION!!
For our 20th Anniversary and beyond ...

Bed Race Flyer (PDF)

On Friday, September 6th, the OHD Committee is hosting a NEW competition... BED RACES!! Walnut Street will be closed down for the race, with the starting line at the intersection of Walnut & Union, finishing at the Corcoran House.

Olde Home Day
  • Create a team of EXCITED people (4 runners, 1 rider & 1 alternate, just in case. Only 5 people will participate in race).
  • Choose a theme that best suits your team (family, friends, company or just a group of strangers) and a captain, who will steer your team in the right direction!!
  • Two teams will compete against each other, racing up Walnut Street to the Finish Line.
  • Due to time restraints, this competition is limited to 20 TEAMS ONLY.
Top two finishing teams will compete against each other for the privilege of bragging rights to hold the Prize Award of THE GOLDEN BED PAN.

Join the legion of championship New England Sports Teams: winners of The Stanley Cup, The Lombardi Trophy, The Commissioner's Trophy, The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy and now the Golden Bed Pan.

Prize to be passed on, or defended by, the Winning Team in 2020.